Arc Flash Analysis

Arc Flash Analysis and Labeling


  • Awareness Training for all employees to provide a basic understanding of all electrical hazards – Shock, Arc Flash, Arc Blast as required by OSHA
  • Determine the minimum safe working distance (arc flash boundary) from the equipment.
  • Determine the appropriate PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) required to avoid a permanent injury from an arc flash.
  • Reduce or eliminate as many of the potential arc flash hazards identified in the analysis as possible.
  • Inform workers of the results and provide the arc flash hazard and electrical safety training.


  • Updated One-Line Electrical Drawings
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Arc Flash & Electrical Hazard Analysis
  • Recommendations and Corrective Actions Report
  • Labeling
  • Training
  • Electrical Safety Program Development


The first step in the process is to review the clients existing electrical safety program and provide guidance in how to comply with NFPA 70E. We have found that developing a “road map” to compliance with a time line with measurable goals.

STEP  2: Electrical Safety Awarness Training

We believe that providing all employees with the basic electrical safety awareness training is a low cost start to the process. We can provided on-site training or provide materials that can be incorporated with regular employee safety meeting. Every employee needs to be aware of all three electrical hazards,electric shock, arc flash and arc blast

STEP  3: Arc Flash Analysis

This part of the process in the most costly and labor intensive. It consists of the following tasks

  • Data Collection In order to update or create the site system power one line diagram, all electrical data must be collected. Data collected for the analysis includes transformer nameplates, conductor sizes/number per phase/lengths, motors horse power, circuit breaker catalog numbers and settings, fuse catalog numbers, Protective relay catalog numbers and settings, Switch gear & MCC data and on-site generator nameplates. Data is collected without disturbing facility operations. Our company can provide this service or qualified facility personnel can collect the necessary data which is a great cost savings.
  •  System Modeling A one-line diagram is generated using the collected data which allows us to model the power system being evaluated. Using the software we are able to calculate the following values on the system. It will also allow us to change the protection settings to evaluate system improvements.
  • Bolted fault current
  • Arc fault current
  • Fault clearing time
  • Arc flash boundary
  • Personal protective clothing requirements
  • Report Generation and Labels   We will generate a flash hazard analysis report which will include all entered data, itemized list of arc flash hazards at each calculation point, areas of concern and recommendations. This data can be used to generate detailed arc flash labels or we can provide them to your company

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